The 10 Best High-end Affiliate Programs Of 2020 (Hand Curated)

Affiliate marketers have 2 fundamental choices for making money:Offer a high volume of items that pay low commission Offer a low volume of products, however that pay a really high commission A lot of brand-new affiliates are postponed the idea of promoting high-end products because they think there's too much competition.What they do not understand…

Affiliate marketers have 2 essential options for earning money:

  1. Deal a high volume of items that pay low commission
  2. Offer a low volume of items, however that pay a really high commission

A great deal of new affiliates are held off the concept of promoting high-end products since they believe there’s excessive competition.What they do not comprehend is that– generally speaking– roughly the same quantity of effort is needed to use a product worth$50,000 as it does a product worth $500. It boils down to getting the ideal kind of traffic and how you frame your offer.If you look at this from a long-lasting technique viewpoint, it simply paves the way more sense to create 10x as much cash from the really exact same volume of traffic.This is a concept we had a look at when we recently built and offered a website in 18-months, and made 6 figures from it.So let’s take a look at some affiliate programs that might help you to attain much the same outcome we did.After all, who does not want to see more $100 commissions appearing every day in their account?Luxury Affiliate Programs JR Dunn Jewellers High-end Affiliate Program Oberoi Hotels and Resorts Affiliate Program Puffy Bed Mattress Affiliate Program Cash Metals Affiliate Program Saks Fifth Opportunity Affiliate Program Urbilis High-end Affiliate Program MSC

  1. Cruises High-end Affiliate Program
  2. L’Occitane En Provence Affiliate Program
  3. Overnight Stay on the ISS Affiliate Program
  4. Villiers Jets High-end Affiliate Program
  5. JR Dunn Jewellers Affiliate Program
  6. JR (James Robert )Dunn opened his really first jewelry shop in 1969 after stopping his job as a sales representative for IBM.This household organisation offers top quality fashion jewelry, Rolex watches, diamonds, gems, engagement rings, and other fantastic precious fashion jewelry to clients from their display screen space or by methods of their online shop. And the JR Dunn online store is where you are readily available in– the typical order worth is$1,078, and you get 3 %of that as an affiliate.That may not look like much but it concerns$38 for the normal sale worth, nevertheless it would be$380 if your referred visitor bought a$10,000 Rolex.Yes, there are good deals of other fashion jewelry affiliate programs out there, however JR Dunn is our choice of the bunch.URL: J.R Dunn affiliate program Commission rate: 3

    %EPC:$139.50 Cookie duration: 15 days Oberoi Hotels and Resorts Affiliate Program

    The first Oberoi Hotel was opened by M.S. Oberoi in Shimla way back in 1934, presenting the idea of

    high-end hotels to the Indian sub-continent. They have an actually fundamental

    objective declaration

    : The visitor is everything.And that principles has in fact assisted them develop a high-end hotel empire, with locations in India, Indonesia, UAE, Egypt, Mauritius, and Saudi Arabia.But what does this mean for you as an affiliate?Their typical order worth is$499.47, which results in$25 commission per recommendation. All of this equals a program that is making continuous money for affiliates who make the effort to promote it.Plus, as quickly as you plant the idea of how extraordinary a 10-day vacation in a luxury hotel can be

    , people’s hopes and dreams take care of the rest.URL: Oberoi Hotels affiliate program Commission rate: 6%EPC:$ 88.90 Cookie duration: one month Puffy Bed mattress Affiliate Program

    Puffy Bed bed mattress declares to be,”America’s most comfy bed mattress”. But that claim is supported by a lifetime service warranty on their items and over 5,000 5-star consumer reviews.What makes them so popular is that they have in fact developed a self-cooling memory foam bed mattress that also uses you with extraordinary support.Like the cool side of the pillow, however for your

    whole body.We understood we desired

    to include a luxury bed mattress affiliate program

    in this roundup, and as quickly as we saw the typical commissions paid by Puffy Mattress we comprehended we ‘d discovered a winner:$300 per sale! They similarly provide a 180-day cookie, giving you 6 entire months to change your traffic into sales.This program is well worth promoting if you’re in a niche that stays in any way associated to it e.g. home style, interior decoration, moving, sleep problems, etc.No other bed mattress affiliate program comes close to a $300 per sale payout.URL: Puffy Bed mattress affiliate program Commission rate:$ 300 per sale EPC:$367.68 Cookie period: 180 days Yes, there are affiliate programs for sites offering gold and silver coins and bullion.Why would not there be?Normally you ‘d expect this kind of high-end product to just attract financiers and individuals with a great deal of non reusable income.But you ‘d be missing out on a trick due to the reality that preppers now purchase as much gold

    and silver as they can spend for because in a dystopian future FIAT currency has no value.That means you have various markets you can tap into.Money Metals pay a flat$ 16 per sale, which is really above average for this industry.Their thinking for doing this is the gold/silver market is rather

    cut-throat. With that being said there are individual affiliate programs that pay around $30 per sale,

    however there is a component of threat

    Money Metals Homepage

    involved in working outside affiliate networks.Plus, if you move enough silver or gold for them you can continuously try

    working out an unique commission rate for your efforts.URL: Money Metals affiliate program Commission rate:$16 per sale EPC:$31.15 Cookie duration: one month Saks Fifth Opportunity Affiliate Program Saks Fifth Opportunity is, and probably always will be, synonymous with designer clothing and accessories.They have in fact handled to survive 2 world wars, the Cold War, and at least 3 economic crises, so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that people who buy from Saks can manage to drop $50– $100k on a spending spree without worrying about their bank balance.That’s why Saks provides products like Chloé bags that retail at over$2,000, or Fendi shoes that cost upward of$1,000 per pair.US affiliates can make 3%on those sales while UK affiliates can make around 5 %of the total quantity spent.That recommends a

    $10,000 purchase is worth between

    $ 300 and$500 in commission to you.And considering a single item of clothing from Saks can cost thousands, big payouts are absolutely possible.URL: Saks Fifth Opportunity affiliate program Commission rate: 3%– 6%EPC: n/a Cookie period: 14 days Urbilis Affiliate Program Although we’ll never ever comprehend the inspiration, we accept that many individuals take pleasure in trying to find home furnishings and other household goodies.They’re likewise prepared to invest a ludicrous amount of money on indoor and outdoors furniture.If you take a look at the Urbilis site you’ll find planters( things you put plants in) that retail for over $1,000.

    And individuals are most likely to buy these in sets, or multiples.Or their retro-styled seats that cost $800+each, for example.These are not the types of items you’ll discover in

    your regional IKEA– and no, there’s definitely nothing inaccurate with IKEA furniture.The common purchase made on their site is $707.99, and their 8%commission rate turns that into a$56 payment you.Bear in mind that you may simply as rapidly snag thousands in

    commission from a single sale, specifically if somebody is supplying their entire home. There’s a good deal of scope here for anybody with an interior design or house design blog/YouTube channel to make a good deal of money.URL: Urbilis affiliate program Commission rate: 8%EPC:$674.31

    (not a typo )Cookie duration: 45 days MSC Cruises Affiliate Program If you’re familiar with the high-end cruise market you most likely understand that MSC is the most significant privately-owned cruise business in the world.And if not, then you do now.The Aponte home has a long history of seafaring going back to 1675, nevertheless MSC Cruises just set sail for the first time in 1988. Cruises aren’t all that hard to in fact offer given that travelers are pre-disposed to them.They have really either been on a cruise prior to or are ill of listening to their friends rave about their last cruise.Either approach, it’s front-of-mind

    for them.MSC provides whatever from quick cruises for a couple of thousand dollars, all the way approximately world cruises where prices start at$15,000. Affiliates make a flat$100 commission per sale, which may appear unjust thinking about the general”order”worth, nevertheless$100 commissions aren’t to be sneezed at.The cool aspect of this program is you can promote it to any audience that has really ever been even from another area considering taking a cruise.URL: MSC Cruises affiliate program Commission rate:$100 EPC: n/a Cookie duration: thirty days L’Occitane En Provence Affiliate Program L’Occitane en Provence is a French company that’s been offering a variety of appeal, skin care and scent products made from sustainable resources for almost 30 years.The” sustainable sources”for their active ingredients stem from 130 French farmers, with the concentrate on being as eco-friendly as possible.Their items are not assessed on animals and are also 100% devoid of palm oil.So you have a series of high-end items intended directly at the eco-friendly people of the world who also wish to look and smell good.And that marketing pitch has really worked rather well for them– they’re at the leading end of network performers on Commission Junction with a 3-month EPC of$ 33. Affiliates promoting this program are producing a great deal of incomes(even with a 2.5 %commission rate )due to the reality that health care and charm products tend to be repeat purchases.URL: L’Occitane en Provence affiliate program Commission rate: 2.5%EPC: $33.42 Cookie duration:45 days Overnight Remain On the ISS Affiliate Program

    Did you comprehend that the International Spaceport Station isL'occitane En Provence Homepage

    established to be decommissioned in 2024? It’s ended up being too expensive for NASA to work on their own, so they’re searching for methods to generate income from the station.Decommissioning generally suggests sending out a spaceport station dropping into a remote area of the ocean at a number of hundred miles per hour.But in this case, the ISS is going to be used for both commercial and traveler location flight.That’s right,

    you’ll be able to invest a night on the ISS for the low, low rate of just

    $35,000. You do also need to consider the cost of the rocket journey to get you there and back as soon as again, which is available in at a cool$ 52 million with SpaceX.This is speculative marketing here, but who understands what affiliate marketing opportunities will look like both business and personal area flight end up being the norm.URL: NASA Commission rate: 6-figures per lead EPC: Astronomical Cookie period: 12 parsecs Villiers Jets Affiliate Program Absolutely nothing spells high-end rather like a private jet, does it?Well, not actually, nevertheless you get what we mean.Villiers has access to over 9,000 various individual jets throughout 40,000 locations.All you need to do is search, book and

    fly.You’ll never ever when again require to tension over queues, hold-ups or the free-range kid left running

    around the cabin as if it was some sort of stratospheric playground.Villiers offers devoted charter flights, however you can likewise book empty leg flights– this is where the person working with the jet simply required a one-way trip.Affiliates get a really generous 30%commission, and you also have the chance to make

    recurring commission for each consumer you introduce.Even a brief charter flight can cost well in excess of$10,000, which equals

    a$3,000 commission for you.And even better you get a 365-day cookie, so possible sales are tracked for around a year.URL: Villiers

    Jet affiliate program Commission rate: 30%, recurring EPC: n/a Cookie duration: 365 days Conclusion These aren’t the normal luxury affiliate programs you have actually found on other websites?Good.That’s due to the fact that we invested a great deal of time in discovering programs that are really worth promoting from an income point of view.As you can see high-end items cover a quite broad spectrum from hotels and resorts, to skincare, to working with individual jets.The bottom line to keep in mind is that the huge majority of affiliates avoid promoting these deals due to the fact that they believe they’re too”big “.

    Which leaves more opportunity for those happy to take the chance.But if you wish to discover how to promote big-ticket affiliate programs like a professional, then the primary step because procedure is investing the time in yourself

    to have a look at our completely free training session on how

    to develop authority sites.No strings, and no hard-sell tactics– simply lots of

    practical details and suggestions.

    Villiers Jets Homepage

    < img alt="Villiers Jets Homepage" src="image/svg + xml; base64, PHN2ZyB2aWV3Qm94PSIwIDAgMTAyNCAzOTgiIHdpZHRoPSIxMDI0IiBoZWlnaHQ9IjM5OCIgeG1sbnM9Imh0dHA6Ly93d3cudzMub3JnLzIwMDAvc3ZnIj48L3N2Zz4 ="/ >

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