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Link building is difficult, time-consuming but vital SEO skill to improve your website rank in google.All links are not created equal, therefore having few links from an authoritative & relevant website is better than having thousands of links from new/non-authoritative/non-relevant website & this is the major fact of link building.Search engines always prefer Quality of backlinks…

Link building is difficult, time-consuming but vital SEO skill to improve your website rank in google.

All links are not created equal, therefore having few links from an authoritative & relevant website is better than having thousands of links from new/non-authoritative/non-relevant website & this is the major fact of link building.

Search engines always prefer Quality of backlinks over its Quantity, So building tons of backlinks won’t help you to rank higher unless those backlinks are from authority sites.

If you want to rank higher in Google Search results, You have to build quality links.

Search Engine giant like Google has brilliant search algorithms which entirely for hundreds of ranking factors in just a few milliseconds and shows you better search results & backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors among them.

A case study from Stone Temple reveals that backlinks are a very powerful ranking factor.

But remember one thing only having quality backlinks won’t help, Your content should also need to be High Quality, Relevant and Competitive.

Backlinks are like referral system of Google. The more quality referrals you get, it will boost your site SEO ranking.

Now you got a strong foundation Why links are so important but how to build such a high-quality links?

Is this a right question?

No, This question is completely wrong; The right question is Why anyone link to your website? OR Why anyone would link to your site content?

If you are not getting a decent amount of backlinks there are two reasons:

  1. You don’t have a high-quality content. Period.
  2. You have a high-quality content, but You have not promoted it to get quality backlinks.

Which type of contents attracts backlinks?

1. High-Quality Infographics:

Infographics are one of the greatest tactics to get backlinks. People prefer visual contents rather reading plain text.

Infographics are engaging and more likely to be read & they are helpful in link building and to generate more traffic.

Market Domination Media has published an infographic regarding why they are so powerful.

marketdominationmedia infographics why popular

Google Trends are showing the graph of interest in infographics.


After the year 2013 infographics interest has been dropped a little bit because the internet is so crowded with cheap & low-quality infographics.

People could able to create infographics in an easy way with the help of software or by hiring low-quality & low-cost designers.

If you want your website to outperform, then it is necessary to create Quality Infographics.

Wordstream has received a link from very high authority website CNN with the help of high-quality infographics.


They have received nearly 3500 backlinks, and 79 of them are from very high authority sites like CNN, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, etc.

Here are 3 steps to build high-quality infographics:

Step 1: Find the idea, Do Extensive Research & Extract the data

You have to find out an idea in which your audience are interested.

If you decide topic “Ultimate Guide to Adwords Ad Extensions”, then you can explain your topic with few thousand words to the audience.

Most of the infographics lack information & consist of only graphics & also lack the crucial part of it which is information.

Step 2: Create Structure

Data is the heart of an infographic. Do extensive research and extract valuable data.

It will be great If you could able to tell a story with your infographic, It will be more engaging.

Your infographic should be both informative and beautiful. Create a structure in mind, narrate the amazing story.

The complex data and information which can not be understood via paragraph or lines of text should be easily understandable with your infographic.

While creating structure always check How data is being organised? Is it understandable by the audience?

Your infographic should be a proper mix of Information & Graphic.

Wireframing will help you to explore more and more.

Step 3: Hire a Designer:

You can hire a designer on platforms like UpWork. You can also hire writers for your previous step, to narrate the story.

Dribble is an excellent way to find out best quality professional designers.

If you like designing, but you are not a professional designer you can also try this great tools like Canva & PiktoChart to create infographics.

If you’ve hired a designer, then provide the Idea, Story and all information to the designer.

Then Designer will take care of everything, Help your designer to explain your idea. Don’t forget to include references in an infographic.

I always recommend you to hire the best high-quality professional designer; It costs but it is worth it.

Step 3: Promote your infographic:

Share your infographic with all your social media account.

Use the embed code below your infographic. Siegemedia Infographic “embed code generator” is useful. Hubspot has an in-depth article on this.

Submit your infographic to following sites:

Research conducted by okdork by analyzing 100 million blog posts proved that people love to share Infographic and List Posts.

average shares by post type

Infographic also helps to build backlinks. A simple infographic by Matadornetwork on Worlds most spoken languages has received 78.7K Shares & 1249 backlinks.

matadornetwok most popular languagesbuzzsumo matadornetwok most popular languages

2. List Posts:

After Infographics, people love to share list posts.

The examples of list posts include:

  • 21 Link Building Strategies that will help you to improve your website ranking
  • 10 Inspiring Youtube Videos to improve your Self Confidence
  • 19 On-Page-SEO Techniques to Optimize your website

Here are 2 Steps to Create List Post:

Find the Topic:

Find the topic in which your audience are interested.

Search on Google If there is already a blog post related to your idea. In most cases, it may happen that list post on your topic been already there.

Almost every blogger and content marketer create list posts because they attract shares and backlinks.

If you found list post on your topic, Don’t worry still you can create list post on the same subject. The only difference will be you have to add more points in your list post.

The more is always better.

best books on pyschology

If your list post has more options, then chances of getting #1 ranking are more. The list post with bigger options gets Higher Click Through Rates and Higher ranking boost.

2. Write down Options in your List Posts

Write down as many options as you can in your list post.

Give a useful description of each and every option. Add Images and Other Visuals for each possible options.

As I said bigger options are better, It doesn’t mean that you have to add hundreds of choices in the list, instead, focus on providing value to your audience with list posts.

Many bloggers and content writer increases the options in the list unnecessarily, and end up in the poor result of their hard work.

3. Ultimate Guides:

“Ultimate Guides” usually consists of tens of thousands of words & that’s why it is time-consuming to create them, but the readers love ultimate guides because it provides tremendous value.

Don’t choose the too broad topic for Ultimate Guides. You need to cover entire topic in such a guides, So choose the narrow topic.

If you are in online marketing space, rather than choosing the subject “Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing” choose “Ultimate Guide to Technical SEO.”

This way you would able to explain your topic to your audience in a proper manner.

Moz has created Beginners Guide to SEO & this is Moz’s one of the best guides. This Guide alone has generated 9573 Backlinks.

moz seo guide backlinks

4. Research & Case Studies:

Case studies are one of the great sources of backlinks and also generates leads for all kind of business.

If you are running an online business, then you can ask your customers regarding the results they have achieved because of your product or service.

You can later form the case study, but such case studies are not so effective to build backlinks but are useful for lead generation.

If you want to get tons of backlinks, then you have to do extensive research on the topic & lots of experiments.

You have to spend your time and effort on doing proper research on the subject. Such researched posts get a decent amount of backlinks.

Hubspot has researched on every aspect of marketing. They have written all the research on marketing statistics page. This page has 2024 backlinks.

Hubspot marketing statistics backlinks

Hubspot has an excellent guide on writing case study.

Few Tips on Creating Content that Attracts Backlinks:

Write 2000+ word article

The articles with more than 2000+ words get more shares.

average shares by content length

According to OkDork research, articles with a maximum length of contents get more shares.

It doesn’t mean that increasing the number of words will help you to get shares and backlinks unless those words are useful & valuable. Unless you don’t provide value from your 2000+ post, It won’t rank higher in Google search results.

Always prefer quality over quantity while writing the articles. Don’t over do it.

Use a lot of Images

If you use a lot of relevant and high-quality images in your content, It will attract readers attention & It will create an interest in the reader to read your entire post.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

If you are writing a data driven article, then add images such as charts, graphs, etc. Hubspot has provided data-driven tips on using images in a blog post.

Website should have Good User Experience:

Good User Experience comes from Good User Interface (UI). Websites with good UI make a reader feel special & enthusiastic. Good UI includes the things like Colour, Font, Font Size, Site Structure, Navigation, etc.

The Logo Company has an excellent infographic on “Company Logos and Colour Psychology“. It states how the big company logo colours relate themselves to the emotions they carry.

Logo Colour Psychology

This is another image of Colour Psychology Circle. It states how each colour shows its positive and negative signs.

Colour Psychology

So it is important to have correct colour for your blog as well as for your infographic, images, charts, etc.

Using beautiful font and correct font size is also necessary. A good font like Gotham for your content will make your content easy to read and consume.

Which font looks good in below image?


off course the second one looks magnificent than the first one.

Mobile responsiveness/navigation bar/breadcrumbs

Apart from above four content types, you can create “How to posts, What is posts, data-driven posts” etc.


You are aware of what it takes to build high-quality content, but How to get backlinks to those content?

Following are 7 ways to promote your high-quality content for Link Building:

1. Email Outreach

Email outreach is one of my favourite ways to promote high-quality content. It is so simple; you just have to find out the people who will be happy to link to your website.

Step 1: Find out similar articles (competitors)

Suppose, You have written an article on “How to create a chocolate cake without oven.”

Now find out the competitors who have created articles on the similar topic. These articles include,

“How to create chocolate cake”, “How to create chocolate cupcakes”, “How to create chocolate cookies” etc.

cake google serp

Do Google search for this keywords and create a list of competitors.

Step 2: Find out Backlinks of that similar articles

Add this competitor URL’s in Ahrefs Site Explorer & see the backlinks.

wikihow chocolate backlinks countahrefs email backlinks

Step 3: Find name & email addresses of those competitors

You can find out name & email address of the website owner by going to Contact Us or Support page. You can also do Google search by site name to obtain contact information.


“site name” contact or “website name” support.

If you are facing difficulties while finding the contact information, I suggest using Buzzmaker plugin by Buzzstream.

Install the plugin & visit the link and click on Buzzstream Icon.

buzzstream buzzmaker extension

You’ll find contact page or the name and email address in Buzzmaker. Try to find out the name of the person; It will be useful for personalization. You can also add the contact information in the Buzzstream account which will be helpful to keep a relationship.

Step 4: Email the contacts

Sending an email is a very crucial step in email outreach for link building.

Your email subject line should be attention grabbing and value providing.  According to convinceandconvert, 69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line.

Your email copy should be:

  • Short, Personalized & Persuasive – SparringMind has published an excellent article on How to mail busy people.
  • Don’t use poor grammar in your copy.
  • Don’t send an email from free email providers like Gmail, Yahoo. Buy [email protected]
  • Don’t do spamming otherwise your emails will be marked as Junk.
  • Use Email Templates but modify them accordingly.

Don’t forget to track your email open rates/response rates with the software like Yesware

Here is the email template for link request from SearchEngineLand.

basic link request mail template

You can find more such templates in an article published on Moz.

Onlinecoursereport has published an infographic on the anatomy of the email outreach. Email outreach plays a significant role in promoting your contents for quality link building.

email outreach anatomy

2. Broken link Building

Broken link building is a great way anyone could use. This method creates a win-win situation for both the parties.

Broken links are the links which return not found (404) error. Suppose, you have created an article on the subject “25 Books on Entrepreneurship you must read this year”. Now, You have to promote and get backlinks to that article.

You have to find out an article which is similar or exactly same as your topic, but it shouldn’t exist on the web.

Then simply search for the backlinks to that article and reach the webmaster saying that “You have linked to the article which doesn’t exist, It would be great If you can consider my article instead”.

Then that broken link will be replaced by your working link. So it is a great link building technique, but it requires a lot of time.

Here are few steps to execute broken link building campaign:

Step 1: Discover the broken links

The first and foremost step in broken link building is to discover them. You can discover the broken links by searching for specific keywords. First, decide for which content do you want to build links and later discover the possible list of keywords.

Suppose keyword is: “SEO Guide” the possible keywords will be “SEO Guide”, “SEO Tutorial”, “Learn SEO” etc.

Try these search term in Google:

  1. “SEO Guide” intitle:resources
  2. “SEO Guide resources” inurl:resources
  3. “SEO Guide” intitle:recommended

You will get Google Search result; Each link is having a bunch of resources.

broken link serp


There might be chances that the links given in above resources are dead. If you want to check dead links, Google Chrome has a Check My Links extension to make this task easier. You can also use Ahrefs to find broken links.

Check My Links

Install this extension and check the pages from Google Search Result & find few dead links.

seo guide broken link

This way you can check all the pages and find broken links. You can note down the broken link; it’s source, anchor text, etc. to do email outreach.

Step 2: Do Broken Link Building Email Outreach

In this last step, you just have to find out the name and email address of the site owner. Reach out and persuade site owner to replace the dead links on their resource pages with your working links.

You can use below broken link building email template to do this:

Subject: [site owner name], something wrong with your website 

Hello [site owner name],

I was browsing your website page [URL of page]  and noticed that this page has the dead link(s).

I found these dead links on this page:

  1. URL 1
  2. URL 2
  3. URL 3

I love this website, but these broken links are degrading the value of your great articles, but the good news is that I have few great articles on the similar topic(s):

  1. URL 1
  2. URL 2
  3. URL 3

Just check out these article(s), and If you like, you can replace the dead links with these articles.


[Your Name]

3. Link Roundups

Link Roundup is a list of useful link resources sent to the email subscribers on a periodic basis. These link resources are also added to the website for future reference. Link roundup can be scheduled on Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Bi-Monthly basis.

Our goal is to list our great article in those link roundups and get a backlink. You can find out such a link roundups by doing Google Search or Twitter Search with these keywords:

  1. “Keyword link roundup”
  2. “Keyword best of”
  3. “Keyword roundup”
  4. “Keyword Weekly”

E.g. “Digital Marketing Weekly”


Below is the link roundup page from Paperli:

link roundup paperli


The next step is to pitch your email to the site owners and get some backlinks. Below is the sample email template for link roundup:

Subject: I have something about your next link roundup 

Hello [site owner name],

I have just seen your [date of the link roundup] roundup and it is so awesome. I am subscribed to this great link roundup as well.

I have also published a great article on [topic name] which could be the great fit for your next link roundup. Here is the link:

[Link to your article]

Keep up your great work!


[Your Name]

4. Submit Content to Blogging Communities & Aggregators:

Blogging Communities/Directories:

There are lots of blogging communities are available where you can submit your content. When you submit your blog content with such a communities, you’ll get backlinks but also the exposure which will help you to increase your brand visibility.

Blog Directories are similar to the communities, but here you have to submit your website, not the contents.

All blogging communities are not same. Among a lot of blogging communities some let you add your entire post, some are restricted to only description and link; some are limited to a particular niche.

Selfmadesuccess has published a list of blogging communities. This list also includes a few blogging directories too.

I like these blogging communities:

  2. Medium
  3. ManageWP
  4. LinkedIn Articles
  5. Facebook Instant Articles
  6. StackStreet

Before submitting your content to one of these communities check their Community Guidelines. Inbound has strict community guidelines.

inbound community guidelines

A Medium can be used to republish your blog content. It will help you to get in front of a new audience. Buffer has published an excellent guide on Medium Marketing.

Blog Aggregators:

Blog Aggregators are websites where you have to submit your blog content. They will aggregate the contents and show to the largest audience.

You can easily get a dofollow link on most of the blog aggregator websites.

This is the list of few blog aggregators:

  1. Alltop
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Digg
  4. Fark
  5. Designernews

Just visit the websites above and do signup, Submit your site, Follow the instructions (You may require to verify your website by adding a small piece of HTML code, or It may require manual review by a real person).

5. .EDU & .GOV Resources

.edu and .gov websites are so powerful and have the ability to boost your SEO ranking dramatically, but it is not so easy to get backlinks from such a high authority websites.

.edu and .gov link building are difficult but not impossible. One of the great ways to get backlinks from these websites is Resource Pages.

These resource pages consist of links which could give valuable information. If you have an article which provides invaluable information, then this is the opportunity to get backlinks from EDU & GOV websites.

First, You have to find out .edu and .gov relevant resource pages. You can use below Google search terms to get resource pages.

  • “your keyword” inurl:resources
  • “your keyword” inurl:links
  • “your keyword” intitle:resources
  • “your keyword”
  • “your keyword” inurl:links
  • “your keyword” intitle:resources

bodybuilding edu serpbodybulding edu resources

If your website is in bodybuilding niche and If it is splendid, then your website could able make a spot in above list.

6. Wikipedia Backlinks

Do you know the age of Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has turned out 16 years old on 15th January 2017. It is the oldest and authoritative website. If you have backlinks from such a website could be beneficial to get higher ranking in Search Engine.

You can edit almost any page of Wikipedia, but the edited page will not go live until the changes get approved by a real person. So it ‘s hard to get backlinks from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has covered almost every topic, and each topic has a bunch of outgoing links & references. There might be chances that these links may have broken.


You can do broken link building to earn backlinks from Wikipedia.

One more way to do link building with Wikipedia is you can directly edit any page (the topic in which you are good) and add links to relevant sections.

Matthew Woodward has published a good article on the Easy way to get Wikipedia backlinks.

7. Join Discussions

There are lots of discussion boards, forums & QA sites are available. One of my favourite platforms is Quora. It is the best platform to answer the questions in your mastered field & off course to promote your best content.

You can also use websites like Yahoo Answers, Reddit & Forums related to your niche.

How to promote articles on Quora:

Step 1: Follow the relevant topics on Quora

Search for the topics related to your niche and follow those topics. There are thousands of topics available on Quora. You can follow any topic which you like most.

In my case, I am going to follow topic Link Building.

Quora Link Building Topic

When you follow any topic, you will receive the emails related to followed topic. You can control the behaviour of these emails in Quora Setting.

Step 2: Find the questions you can answer perfectly

Millions of people come to Quora daily with the questions in their mind. People ask questions & also answers them, but they make silly mistakes like answering every question, copy pasting an article, Adding too many links & sometimes people add a lot of links too.

Please, Avoid these mistakes. Simply find out the question, You could able to answer perfectly. Check out the previous answers as well. Craft your answer. Your answer should be the engaging and story telling way. Add the links to your one of the content or blog post only If required & relevant.

I provide the high-level overview to the question & add the link at the end.

Quora links are nofollow, so it won’t pass any link juice and don’t have direct SEO benefits, But you’ll get brand exposure to the lots of people in your niche, and they might link to your one of the articles.


Link building is the crucial part of SEO. It is very hard to get first-page ranking without the relevant and authoritative backlinks. Many people are creating the content, publishing it & praying to Google for better ranking.

This “publish and pray” approach will not work in the era of Panda, Penguin & Rankbrain algorithm updates. You have to use different ways to build links to your article.

If you want to get high ranking in Google Do 20% of content creation & 80% of content promotion.Click To Tweet

You have to do a lot of content promotion which will help you to get high-quality backlinks & consequently the better ranking in search engines.

Create the great, high-quality contents so that people would link to your website.

Which techniques do you use to create high-quality content? How do you get backlinks to those contents?

Thanks in advance for sharing this article.

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