Lesson 1.3: How search works (Text)

Lesson 1.3: How search works(Text)Lesson 1.3: How Browse Functions Contents: Crawling the web Comprehending how Google ranks results Determining ads Access Lesson 1.3 slides here This lesson includes a video by Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google. It demonstrates how spiders work: how they crawl the web, collect details, and pull it all together to…

Lesson 1.3: How search works(Text)Lesson 1.3: How Browse Functions Contents: Crawling the web Understanding how Google ranks results Identifying ads

Access Lesson 1.3 slides here

This lesson consists of a video by Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google. It demonstrates how spiders work: how they crawl the web, gather information, and pull all of it together to provide an index Google utilizes whenever you do a search.

Here’s Matt Cutts explaining how search actually works: Figure: Matt Cutts talking in the video How Browse Works.

Matt Cutts: Hi. My name is Matt Cutts. I am an engineer in the Quality group at Google, and I want to talk today about what occurs when you do a web search. The really first thing to comprehend is, when you do a Google search, you aren’t in fact searching the web. You’re searching Google’s index of the web, or at least as much of it as we can find.

We do this with software application called spiders. Spiders start by bring a number of sites, then they follow the links on those pages and fetch the pages they indicate; and follow all the links on those pages, and fetch the pages they connect to, and so on, till we have actually indexed a pretty big portion of the web; many billions of pages stored on countless devices.

Now, suppose I want to know how fast a cheetah can run. I type in my search, state [cheetah, running, speed] and strike return.

Our software application searches our index to discover every page that includes those search terms. In this case, there are numerous possible outcomes.

How does Google choose which number of files I actually want?

By asking issues; more than two numerous them. Like:

  1. How many times does this page contain your keywords?
  2. Do the words appear in the title? In the URL (web address)?
  3. Do the words appear straight neighboring?
  4. Does the page consist of synonyms for those words?
  5. Is this page from a quality website? Or is it bad quality, even spammy? What is this page’s PageRank? That’s a formula established by our creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, that rates a web page’s importance by having a look at the number of outside links suggest it, and how crucial those links are.

Lastly, we integrate all those elements together to produce each page’s general score and send you back your search engine outcome, about half a 2nd after you submit your search.

At Google, we take our dedication to providing beneficial and impartial search results REALLY seriously. We do not ever accept a payment to consist of a site to our index, update it more often, or improve its ranking.

Sometimes, along the right, and at the top, you’ll see ads.

Figure: A search engine result page, with highlighted advertisements on top and on the right side.

We take our marketing organisation actually seriously too. Both, our commitment to offering the very best possible audience for our online marketers, and to aim to just reveal ads that you truly wish to see.

We’re really mindful to identify your advertisements from your search results page. And we will not expose you any ads at all if we can’t discover any we believe will assist you find the information you’re searching for. Which in this case, a cheetah’s leading running speed, is more than sixty miles an hour.

Thanks for taking pleasure in. I hope this makes Google a little more reasonable.

Please provide the activity a try!

Power Searching with Google © 2012 Google, Inc.


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