High Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Where all your efforts are rewarded, thanks to the three flexible commission payment models with the highest payments and lifetime repeating commissions.BECOME AN AFFILIATEHigh Paying CommissionWe provide industry-best affiliate commission among all webhosting programs. Earn at Your Pace You are a SUPER affiliate? Our customized affiliate commission structure will keep you on the top-earning tier.…

Where all your efforts are rewarded, thanks to the three versatile commission payment models with the highest payments and life time duplicating commissions.BECOME AN AFFILIATE

High Paying Commission

We provide industry-best affiliate commission among all webhosting programs.


Earn at Your Speed You are a SUPER affiliate? Our customized affiliate commission structure will keep you on the top-earning tier.


Low Client Churn Take advantage of Cloudways to accelerate your passive profits with a life time duplicating commission design.


Dedicated Affiliate Support Committed account supervisors and resources to make sure you make high commission regularly.Choose How You Desire To Earn

The only web hosting affiliate program that lets you pick the method you earn

Performance-based Pieces Earn as much as$125 per sale based upon the Performance Pieces

Instantaneous Commissions Get high commission instantly on every consumer you refer. The more you refer the more you make.

Versatile Designs Versatility to transfer to Hybrid or Customized Strategy at any time so no lock-ins. Double Your Profits Bring sales frequently and be a part of high incentives and advantage projects.Making with Consistency Capitalize if you are an affiliate who can bring customers with consistency.

Works best for Performance online marketers,

blog writers & media publishers Compute Now Life time Commissions Earn $30 per sale + 7% life time commission

Flexible Designs Flexibility to move to Slab or Custom-made Strategy at anytime

Double Your Revenues Bring sales frequently and belong of high rewards and reward tasks.

Benefit From High Retention Make repeating payments as long as your referred users stick with us

Value for cash Refer consumers with high hosting costs and get rewarded for a lifetime.

Functions Best For Ideal for blog authors, developers, freelancers, & digital firms

Calculate Now

Price Quote your Month-to-month Incomes

The more customers you refer, the higher you would make


Per Sale


Total Estimated Earning

PIECE 1 1-5

PIECE 2 6-20

PIECE 3 21-45

PIECE 4 46-80

Super Affiliate +80

Variety of Consumers

  • No. of Customers/month
  • Select a Provider
  • Select a plan 1GB2GB4GB8GB

Estimated Really initially 12 months Incomes

Make a passive revenues of $1500/mo for the lifetime of your
users with our market beating churn rate of under 3%

Jan 2018$00

Feb 2018$00

March 2018$00

April 2018$00

May 2018$00

June 2018$00

July 2018$00

Aug 2018$00

Sep 2018$00

Oct 2018$00

Nov 2018$00

Dec 2018$00

Dec 2018$00


monthly incomes


annually revenues

End up being an Affiliate in Three Simple Actions

You do not need to fill long kinds either wait for any approval call. Sign up with the Cloudways affiliate program flawlessly.BECOME AN AFFILIATE

Join Register for our Cloudways

account and fill in the needed details to access your affiliate panel. Promote Create affiliate links using our marketing banners, unique offers, and seasonal campaigns.< img src=""alt =""/ >

  • Earn Make high paying commissions based upon the efforts you take into your picked affiliate strategy.

  • High Paying Affiliate Program That Ensures Success

    Expert help and convenience-focused resources at every stage of your affiliate journey.Dedicated Affiliate Managers Our devoted affiliate supervisors stroll you through every action of the cloud affiliate program. We will deal with any issues you may have and offer you access to professional guidance.Affiliate-friendly Tracking System Our Affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days as we make sure all your sales

    are properly tracked and you get the full

    return for your efforts.Learn Affiliate marketing The very best hosting affiliate program that equips you with different resources including our onboarding e-mails and guides, regular monthly newsletters, blogs, and criteria

    articles.Detailed Efficiency Reporting Gain access to performance reports in your affiliate panel to assess the effect and success of your marketing jobs and affiliate strategies.Efficient Tracking System Track various marketing

    projects and channels through ingenious affiliates tracking tools such as postback URL and SUBid tracking that let you evaluate the ROI of your marketing efforts.Custom Promo Offers Get customized deals

    , landing pages, and advertising banners to scale your affiliate marketing efforts.Why Promote Cloudways We are distinctively positioned to use the absolute best webhosting affiliate program with the highest conversion rates! Liberty of Choice Sufficient cloud hosting versatility with 5 industry-leading infrastructures and the capability

    to introduce unlimited applications without entering into any contract.< img src ="

    “alt= “”/ > Optimized Effectiveness Supercharged cloud hosting efficiency with advanced developments and optimized stack including ingenious cache and CloudwaysCDN.

    24/7 Expert Support Managed assistance through live chat, ticketing system, together with our active community and understanding base. Simplicity Hassle-free cloud hosting with our 1-Click performance for managed app migration and handled server and details security.How Affiliates See Cloudways The very best hosting affiliate program that ensures success for our partners.

    Blogger Cloudways is amongst my favorite affiliate programs

    due to the fact that I appear like they are partners in

    our success. They utilize greater revenues & repeating commissions and numerous comprehensive,

    precise tracking in business. I gladly suggest Cloudways to my readers due to the fact that I am a happy customer. Physical fitness trainer We are pleased with our monthly revenues and aiming to spread out the outstanding services supplied by Cloudways and its team of licensed engineers to provide the best technical support in the market. The Cloudways association system with repeating payment is the most valuable on the marketplace. Blog writer Cloudways affiliate program is basic to start and the excellent complementary item makes it much easier to make a greater commission.

    In my experience with them, they have a great group which helps with graphics and recommend brand-new strategies from time to time. A terrific webhosting affiliate program to be part of.Frequently Asked Concerns All slabs are reset on the 1st of monthly. For instance, if you reach piece 3 by the end of the first month, the slab will immediately reset to piece 1 on the

      1st of the second month.Permalink For this, log in to your Cloudways affiliate account, go to Commission Structure drop-down menu (offered in the affiliate profile kind)and pick your desired structure. As quickly as done, click the update button to conserve the changes. Note that these adjustments will apply from the start of the following month.Permalink Anyone can sign up with the Cloudways Affiliate Program. You will require to develop an account with Cloudways and after that register to”end up being an affiliate.”You can then fill your affiliate profile kind from your Cloudways account.Permalink We do permit our Affiliates to run PPC Projects with a couple of constraints.All affiliates require to

      consist of”Cloudways”in their unfavorable keyword list and guarantee they do not bid straight on our Brand keywords, also called TM(Trademark )Bidding. We JUST allow our affiliates to run TM+and industry keyword campaigns which suggests you can run tasks where you bid on keywords with Cloudways+keyword formats. Examples can be”Cloudways Review”or bid on market keywords such as” WordPress Hosting “,”Magento Hosting”– We also do not allow direct connecting unless you have in fact prior made up approval from our group Permalink The Reports tab in the Affiliate Panel will give you a comprehensive introduction of your sales and revenues. Go to Reports, then click “Quick Stats.” You will see the Range of Sales mentioned within.In case you have referred someone through your affiliate link and can not find them in your affiliate panel, just email us appropriate evidence (along with the e-mail address the suggestion made use of for sign-up)that our affiliate management group can examine. Once they offer the go-ahead, the recommendation will be displayed in your affiliate panel.Permalink The cookie gets kept for 90 days.Permalink The signup deal is approved when the referred client has in fact updated the account to finish by certifying his billing details and paid at least two total invoices. If the referred customer is on trial and has in fact not updated the account, you will get no commissions for that referral.Permalink You can contact us through our 24/7 Live Chat or send out an email to our Affiliate Help group at!.?.!Permalink!.?.!Yes, you can add the affiliate revenues to your Cloudways funds.For this, login to your Cloudways affiliate account and update the payment method to”Funds Transfer”in the Affiliate Profile type. Please keep in mind that the minimum threshold for funds transfer is$ 100 authorized commission. This is processed in addition to

      payouts.Permalink Your affiliate commission is paid by means of PayPal as soon as your monthly incomes reach $250 (licensed commission). If you strike this limit, your profits will be moved before the 10th of the month. For this, login to your Cloudways affiliate account and update the payment strategy to “Paypal “in addition to Paypal e-mail address in the Affiliate Profile type. We also send payments by means of Wire Transfer (just easily available for accounts making$ 1000 approved commission or more per payment cycle ). To set up the Wire Transfer account, call us by methods

      of our 24/7 Live Chat or send out an e-mail to our Affiliate Assistance team.Permalink Quit Worrying About Hosting Hassles Host mind-blowing websites on a managed platform constructed for digital firms, developers, and ecommerce companies, all backed by 24/7/365 support.

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