Amazon Affiliate Program– Is It Worth It?

March 10, 2010|By Petra Weiss More The majority of us would have heard of the Amazon Affiliate Program, possibly you have actually even joined it and are attempting to make some cash with it. That's what we Connect Marketers are here for, after all! And the Amazon Affiliate Program is among the greatest and most…

March 10, 2010|By Petra Weiss More The majority of us would have heard of the Amazon Affiliate Program, perhaps you have really even joined it and are attempting to make some cash with it. That’s what we Connect Online marketers are here for, after all! And the Amazon Affiliate Program is among the greatest and most well known affiliate programs out there, next to EBay Partnernetwork, Clickbank, LinkShare therefore on.The issue when registering with any affiliate program is constantly, will it deserve it to do so? Or will I be squandering my time? Well, I will notify you my story and let you decide!

My first Amazon check

My first Amazon check First I want to inform you what triggered this post: I received my first check from Amazon in the mail the other day!!! It was a fantastic sensation, mixed with a bit of a let down, due to the fact that to bank the check here in Australia it will cost me around $15 AUD, which harms, particularly given that the check is “only” $212.09 USD (The US Dollar and the Australian Dollar are very close in worth at the moment).

So, after my pleasure had actually subsided a bit, I took a look at the realities of how I had actually been choosing the Amazon Affiliate Program, and after that I believed I would let you comprehend about it. So if you are thinking about Amazon, you have a bit more to go on.Here are some realities about the Amazon Affiliate Program:

  • The routine recommendation cost for items from Amazon is 4%. This increases to 6% after 7 referral sales in a month, and as much as 6.5% after 31 sold items. Then to 7% when you have really offered 111 items and so on … you can advertise by means of links & banners, widgets and even a so-called “a-store” which is a total shop you can establish to offer products. Have a look at the shop I constructed for my Beach Style site: Beach Design Amazon Shop You can either integrate the shop into your site or you have a stand alone shop. Their widgets are excellent, you can pick in between various ones to fit your site. I personally like the Carousel Widget rather (again, some samples on another site of mine: Mens Casio Enjoys)
  • There are a number of programs within Amazon where you can make higher suggestion charges than 4%, like as much as 15% with (Shoes and Add-on), or 10% for Kindle, I believe.
  • The Amazon Affiliate Program pays its affiliates in a number of methods (and you can select):
    • earn money through Amazon present card/certificate
    • generate income through direct deposit (simply if your cost savings account is in the United States)
    • generate income by check

I started with my Beach Site in February 2008. The site is built around an Amazon Store. The significant objective of any website, and especially an affiliate website, is always to get traffic, since the more traffic the more sales, right? So it took various months to get my site up and getting a few clients every day. Which implies my profits weren’t great at all at the start. I had months were I made absolutely nothing at all, and others where I made $3, or $6. This began increasing in time, however it changed greatly.I required to elect to be paid through check– well, I didn’t have another choice, as I am an Australian partner and have my examining account here. So I require to police the high bank charge here to transfer a foreign check. That’s why I set my minimum payment limit at $200 USD, so it would not hurt so much.Well– it has

taken 2 years (2 YEARS!!!) for me to get paid my very first check from Amazon. Rather astounding, isn’t it? My Beach site is on page 1 on Google for many of my keywords, so I get an affordable amount of traffic, and it still took 2 years. That is an amazing amount of time.I will keep choosing my sites and the stores there, due to the fact that they are now making me a bit of cash monthly without having to do much anymore, however when I think about the time that entered into establishing these shops and updating them etc, … I need to question whether this is actually worth it.So here are a couple of things I wish to point out and set up for remarks:

  • They are amongst the biggest affiliate programs offered. Shouldn’t it be possible for them to offer their affiliates to be paid by means of PayPal, and even use around the world partners (and there are bound to be a lot of them!) to be paid through direct bank deposit? I am with other affiliate programs where this has never ever been an issue, why isn’t it available here?
  • The suggestion charge is, in my perspective, remarkably low. Sure, if you are offering larger ticket items you might actually make some more money, however if you are providing simply “routine” things like I do, then you are not going to make a lot of cash even if you provide 30, or 100 items! And let me inform you, it takes a good deal of visitors to make some sales.
  • They do use a few of the very best advertising tools around, and make it really easy to include them into any site.
  • Your finest option with this program appears to be to have a website that gets lots of, numerous visitors and sells products that are highly priced, like cameras for instance. You might possibly be making numerous dollars a month. Nevertheless it might be rather a great deal of work to arrive.
  • Providing lower priced items will not make you abundant, it might not even buy you a coffee sometimes. This will end up being more of a leisure activity than a company.

So, there you have it. That’s my take on the Amazon Affiliate Program. I like the tools they utilize their partners, and I like the fact that they are well developed and understood. I do not like that we just get the smallest of portions, and that they are so in reverse with their payment structure.I would enjoy to become aware of your successes or failures with Amazon, and what you consider their affiliate program. Leave a comment!– [28 March 2012 Sorry, people, I have in fact closed the remarks now, it was simply getting too much. You can continuously call me by means of my email.] Over and out– have to go and move my check! P.S.

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