13 Best SEO Secret Tips For Affiliate Marketers

Before we get into the secret SEO tips for affiliate marketing, I want to share how I fell in love with affiliate marketing. I first started as a marketer for my local business. After I learned how to drive traffic to my business, I wanted to do it for other companies, and the rest is…

Before we get into the secret SEO tips for affiliate marketing, I want to share how I fell in love with affiliate marketing. I first started as a marketer for my local business. After I learned how to drive traffic to my business, I wanted to do it for other companies, and the rest is history. 

The best SEO secret tips for affiliate marketers are the following:

  1. Build a website that looks professional 
  2. Build a website that visitors will trust
  3. Create directory listings
  4. Create a social profile
  5. Do not spam the website with PBN links
  6. Get press releases
  7. Make an author profile
  8. Create a GMB and link to your website
  9. Create high-quality content 
  10. Make sure the content on your website is structured correctly to rank on Google
  11. Create the content regularly
  12. Create content and YouTube & link back to the website
  13. Edit all outsourced content 

In our first subheading, “Secrets to SEO and affiliate marketing: The breakdown,” we will breakdown each one.

After discovering these secret affiliate marketing SEO tips, you will know what it takes to make money online with SEO and affiliate marketing

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SEO affiliate marketing secret tips

Further down this article, we will review the following topics (click the topic to skip down): 

  1. Build a website that looks professional 
  2. Build a website that visitors will trust
  3. Create directory listings
  4. Create a social profile
  5. Do not spam the website with PBN links
  6. Get press releases
  7. Make an author profile
  8. Create a GMB and link to your website
  9. Create high-quality content 
  10. Make sure the content on your website is structured correctly to rank on Google
  11. Create the content regularly
  12. Create content and YouTube & link back to the website
  13. Edit all outsourced content 

Mixing SEO and affiliate marketing are useful if you know how to do it correctly. Being able to rank a website in a niche that you can place affiliate links on can generate you a lot of money as an affiliate marketer.

SEO for affiliate marketing is challenging because the competition is fierce. There is money to be made, so in turn, there will be people fighting for it until the money is gone.

Affiliate marketing is like the goldrush. A few people are making a lot of money with it, but there are a lot more people who are not making anything with it.

We will break down each one of the most important steps to SEO for affiliate marketing websites.

1. Build a website that looks professional 

Gone are the days that you could make a website with a home page and a product page and make money. People have had bad experiences on the internet, and they are a lot more careful about where and who they buy from.

You need a website that is focussed on one niche. Google is looking for niche authority, and writing about the same topic will help build your authority on that topic. Google is continually changing and evolving, and you need to keep up with what ranks and what does not. 

Knowing what Google is looking for in a website is part of learning how to build your website. For a detailed breakdown of Google’s algorithm update, click here.

After a Google update that happened back in 2018, It will be hard to rank for things that are not relevant to each other. 

The days of ranking for mattresses on one page and solar panels on another are gone. Your website needs to have an overall theme associated with it.

dij university affiliate course

Having a professional-looking website will also help with your bounce rate. People who click on your website and quickly click back and later visit another website will look bad for your website.

You want a good user experience, so having a good professional looking website will give your visitors a good user experience. Your website’s bounce rate will look good, and Google will reward you with higher rankings.

Make surrey that the grammar on your main pages is correct and that the mobile version of your website also looks good.

The video will also make your website look professional, so I would advise you to embed video into your website wherever possible.

A color scheme will also help a website look professional. The central portion of the website should not have more than three primary colors. Anything more than that will look unprofessional and will affect your bounce rate. 

make money online up arrow

2. Build a website that visitors will trust

The internet has been around a long time now, and scammers have burned almost everyone at least once. This has made all of us careful of where we buy from online.

This is why it is essential to build trust with the visitor as soon as they land on your website. This can be done with a nice header and footer structure. 

Make sure to include the following links in your header:

  • Home page
  • About us
  • Blog
  • Contact us
  • Recommended products

The following should also be in your footer:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions

Websites with just one tab for the home screen will look incomplete and affect the visitor negatively. Landing pages with no tabs at all can work, but it depends on the type of affiliate offers. You can not go wrong with having a professional-looking header and footer.

Any badges that can instill trust in the visitor is recommended to be placed at the footer. Most people will not scroll down to the footer of the website. If they do not bounce right away or if they do not click on your call to action, but they scroll to the bottom, this means that they are on the fence about the offer and your business.

Having a privacy policy and terms and conditions in the footer can mean the difference between a conversion or not.

The better the bounce rate, the higher Google will rank your page. 


3. Create directory listings

Every legitimate business will have citations created for their business. Your affiliate marketing website also needs to do the same.

It is true that directory listings no longer are as powerful as they once were, but they still carry some link juice. 

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The fact that Google will see your website’s digital footprint will help build your website’s authority with Google. This will always be a good idea, no matter what.

Having a few hundred directory citations is not unheard of, and I get 350 directory citations for every entity and or location I am trying to rank for.

I recommend going to Fiverr and hiring out someone to enter the citations for you, but if you want to do it yourself, that is fine but keep in mind that it will take some time to do all 350.

For a complete list of the local business citations that your website should have, click here.

Building all these directory citations from this list will give your website a digital footprint on the internet, and Google will notice it.

This step is a must if you want to be able to rank any high competition keywords.

Social profiles will also send Google a message that you are a legitimate company.

This includes as many social networks that you can think of. This will be a good signal to Google, and this will help build site authority. 

Here is a list of the most popular social media networks that I recommend creating profiles for: is not on the list, but it also needs to be included in your social media profile site. This all helps with SEO for any website, especially an affiliate website.

You do not have to post regularly on these social media platforms. I know that it would be a full-time job posting on all these platforms, and you are busy creating campaigns and creating content for your affiliate website, so I get it.

After you have created the profiles, post regularly on one or two social media platforms.

My advice is to focus on the social media platforms that will keep your post visible to most people for a longer time.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will hide your post relatively fast. Even people who follow you may miss a post in their feed.

This is why it can be an uphill battle with those platforms.

Anstrex spy tool

I prefer to post on YouTube because your content stays visible and can be found for a long time. If you build any type of following, your videos can be found years later.

The other is Pinterest; they also will show your pins to people for a long time.

lgm marketing group making websites fast and cheap

5. Do not spam the website with PBN links.

Buying backlinks is against Google policy and will get your website penalized. Buying links is a sure way of getting your website in trouble with Google. 

I know many affiliate marketing people feel that they have to buy links to rank their affiliate websites. Many people have opted to do this with PBN’s (Private Backlink Network) and have been getting by with no problems.

But I know of others who have lost all of their websites because of this.

If you are going to buy links or create a PBN for your affiliate websites, I advise you to do it slowly. 

If you flood your website with a few hundred backlinks a month or a day, you will get a manual penalization handed to your affiliate website from Google.

If you do get caught, you better disavow all the links, and you will have to wait sometime before your website recovers. 

If you want to trade links or work a deal for some reputable website links, I get it. But keep in mind that you can lose it all if you get caught. 

I am not saying to do it but be very careful with the link quality that you get.

Sending links to another asset that you own and then over to your website post will probably be your best and safest strategy. 

By the way, your YouTube channel can receive backlinks, and you can link to your blog post in the comment section of your website that matches that content…

6. Get press releases

Press releases can boost a page on your website. The page authority will spread to other pages, so press releases are a great way to get an excellent legitimate link, or should I say a mention. 

Press releases can go away with time, and then it will be as if you never gout the link.

This is why I recommend getting a press release from a press release website that keeps your link up forever. This will eternally keep sending link Joyce to your website.

The secret to beating other affiliate marketers is ...

Some people say to send the press release link to the website’s home page, but I like sending it to the offer page of the affiliate offer.

I have never had an issue with that, but if you send the link to the home page, make sure that the affiliate advertorial is one click away. This will ensure that the advertorial that you are trying to rank will get some of the link juice. 

It can be two clicks away, but I would not go beyond that.

The press release websites that I use are:

Online Press Release Distribution Service | PRWeb

PRWeb – Thank You | PRWeb

The same company owns them, but one is for high-end news websites that your link will be posted on, and the other is for lower quality websites.

This service is not cheap, but if you can afford it, I recommend getting both when launching a new website and or affiliate offer on your website.

business bag money

Having a picture of the author of all your content will also help make your website. Google will see the author’s name and image, and if the same person is used on all content pages, your content will rank faster and higher versus having different authors for pages. 

On each page of content, you should have a picture of the author and their name. This will build topical authority for that author and will help rank that piece of content.

Adding an author page with some information about the author will also be a good idea. Llink to this page from the author’s name on each page of the content. 

Make sure to add keywords around the niche that your website is in.

Ensure that it is not a stock photo because of that photo appears anywhere else on the internet, Google will know, and your author will lose credibility.

If you have to use a random photo, you can edit it and change the photo dimensions and title, and that should make it look like a completely new picture to Google. But then you can run into the issue of someone who recognizes the person in the picture.

8. Create a GMB and link to your website

Google is putting more and more importance to their Google My Business platform. This will make your website look official to Google. You do not have to verify the address.

But the more you do on it, the better off you are going to be. For the affiliate website, you do not want anyone coming to your house, so you should hide your address.

If you do not care to rank on a Google map, then I would use a fake name and address and number from Generate a Random Name – Fake Name Generator

The point is to make your website as trustworthy as possible with Google, and creating a GMB will be another added piece of trust for Google.

Try to add about 30 pictures to keep your GMB looking as if it were for a local business.

9. Create high-quality content 

Creating high-quality content will be an essential part of SEO for affiliate marketing websites.

Your visitors will bounce right off the page with bad content and click through to another website and stay on that page for a long time and end the session for that query. 

If enough people do this, your page will drop from the ranking fast. 

It does not matter how many backlinks you have or your click-through rate on the SERP is. If you have bad content, the user will leave and find a better piece of content that answered the question better than your page did. 

Google will notice this and drop you from the rankings. No matter how many backlinks or website authority you have.

Content is king, and Google is making a significant push to improve user experience on their platform. 

Through manipulation, you can get your website to rank on page one, but it will not stay there for long if the content is bad.

People love to consume video, so my advice is to add at least one video to your blog post.

Google owns YouTube, and if they can get someone to use both of their platforms on one page on your website, you have a better chance of ranking it.

Write valuable content, and the users will stay to consume that content, and Google will increase your rankings.

10. Make sure the content on your website is structured correctly to rank on Google.

Structuring the content on your website is another important step for SEO on affiliate websites. 

Make sure that your title is catchy and uses power words when possible.

Try to keep the keywords to the left of the title.

When it makes sense, start the title with a number because it stands out in the SERP (search engine result page), and this will improve the CTR (click-through rate).

Making sure that you have the right amount of keyword density and having the right titles will make a big difference in ranking.

I either use Yoast WordPress plugin or surfer SEO for my on-page optimizations.

With these SEO tools I am able to optimize my blog post to target a specific keyword.

Yoast is a free WordPress plugin, they have a paid version but I have never used it so I can not say if it is worth it.

Surfer SEO tools is a paid tool and can rank pages easier and can rank long-tail variations that you did not think about. For sure it is a good tool.

Another key factor for Google to rank your affiliate websites is page load speed. A slow page will never rank on page one no matter how good the content and the on-page SEO is.

landing page load speed conversion

Besides Google not ranking your website, visitors will bounce off a slow page and you will lose conversions. The above info-graphic shows you how much conversions you can expect to lose for every second of page load time.

11. Create content regularly.

Google likes to see fresh new content.

New content on your website will give Google a signal that the website is active and is worth ranking. Taking old content that is not ranking well on your website is another excellent way to keep your content fresh.

If a post on your website is two years old and is not ranking on page one of the SERPs (search engine results page), it will probably not rank.

By then, you would have had enough time to generate links and should have been crawled by Google. If that page is not ranking, it is time for you to update that page.

This can be done on a new page and a redirect from the old to the new page. Once that is done, delete the content that is on that page. 

A new page with a better keyword density and page structure can be the trick to ranking on page one for that targeted keyword.

12. Create content and YouTube & link back to the website

YouTube is a powerful tool if you use it with your website. If you create a blog post and create a YouTube video specifically for that blog post, you will be able to embed it on your blog post.

This will send Google a good signal, and the website will help send traffic to your YouTube channel and visa versa. 

Your YouTube channel will help your blog post grow, and your blog will help your YouTube channel to grow. This is a win-win for everyone and should not be overlooked.

As mentioned earlier, we do not advise building illegal backlinks to your website. As far as PBN networks, they may be an excellent way to have a safety buffer for your money site. However, your money website can still be compromised, and this is a huge issue.

A good strategy to implement is to have the backlinks sent to your YouTube video, and in the comment section of your video, you can link to your blog post on your money site. YouTube will act as a buffer, and YouTube has high domain authority, and this will help buff out any bad link juice from passing through to your money website.

making money online

13. Edit all outsourced content 

Outsourcing content creation will save you a lot of time, but if the content does not rank, it will be a waste of time and money.

What good is it if you hire a writer to create content if it does not rank, it would have been better if you did it yourself. The content needs to make money for it to be worth it. 

The content needs to rank, so do not overlook taking the time to edit content. Proofread and add keywords, paragraphs, bolded words, images, videos, etc.

Ensure that the content is put together so that the reader will find value in it, and Google will rank.

If you want more affiliate marketing secrets sent to you, fill in the form to join our make money online community.

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