101 Fascinating Affiliate Marketing Stats (Upgraded 2020)

1. Quick growth without any signs of stopping!(Source: Organization Insider)Since 2015, earnings from affiliate marketing programs grows by 10% each year. The forecasts are this outstanding trend to continue a minimum of till 2021.2.Affiliate marketing is a global industry worth well over $12 billion.(Source: IAB)Not only AM is growing quickly, however it is currently a…

1. Quick growth without any signs of stopping!

(Source: Organization Insider)

Because 2015, profits from affiliate marketing programs grows by 10% each year. The forecasts are this outstanding trend to continue a minimum of till 2021.2.

Affiliate marketing is a worldwide market worth well over $12 billion.

(Source: IAB)

Not only AM is growing rapidly, however it is presently a massive global market. The statistics for 2018 are yet to come out, nevertheless in 2017 it was worthy of over $12 billion, with the United States and the EU blazing a trail. Little surprise there, as these are the markets with the most online trade.3.

AM overtakes email marketing.

(Source: Service Expert)

Email jobs were the indisputable king of digital marketing however affiliate marketing stats reveal that the tables are turning. AM creates a minimum of as much as e-mail marketing, contributing to about 15% of the general earnings made through digital marketing efforts. Mind you, these numbers are to be updated quickly and it is highly likely that in 2019 affiliate marketing presently surpassed email.4.

PeerFly boasts over a quarter of a million publisher accounts.

(Source: PeerFly)

PeerFly is the most significant affiliate marketing network worldwide. It has 75,000 active publisher accounts around the world and over 250,000 accounts in general that are accountable for more than 1 billion clicks and the outstanding 8 million deals. Not too substandard, eh?

5. Awin affiliates earned over $700 million in 2015.

(Source: Awin)

Awin simply recently gotten ShareASale, another major network in the affiliate field. Boasting impressive portfolio and history, the network distributed $734 million among its elements. Who are no less than 100,000. Other leading affiliate programs consist of Amazon Affiliates, eBay Partner Network, Rakuten Linkshare, Clickbank, and a lot more.6. 81% of brand depend upon affiliate programs.

(Source: Mediakix)

Affiliate marketing is popular amongst brand names and publishers alike considering that it includes incredibly little financial investment. It is a performance-based sort of marketing, recommending that online marketers pay just what they get for, while better performing publishers are incentivized by increased profits.7. A few of the best affiliate programs are to be found in webhosting.

(Source: Hosting Tribunal)

Webhosting is an extremely competitive field for a variety of reasons: there are numerous top-notch company who compete online for a totally digital item. A few of the absolute best paying affiliate programs can be discovered there because a few years ago HostGator showcased the AM potential.This nearly changed the approach the hosts marketed themselves. Nowadays, virtually all hosting– even those with very inexpensive plans or with narrow expertise– provider utilize rewarding affiliate offers. The Bluehost affiliate partners got over $5 million in 2018 alone.8. Still, design rules supreme(Source: AM Navigator )A research study from 2015 exposed that 18.70%

of all affiliate online marketers promote fashion service or product. Sports and outside activities follow with 14.60%, while health and health online marketers account for 11.10%. Likewise, the affiliate networks focus mostly on those 3 classifications

.9. Over 5 billion clicks and more than 170 million deals(Source: IAB )The power of well-presented affiliate links can be detailed finest with some hard numbers from 2017.

Users clicked more than 5 billion times and the affiliate marketing networks carried out more than 170 million transactions worldwide.10. Affiliate marketing appropriates for any ages (Source: Statista)A 2016 Statista study reveals that the most significant sector of affiliates falls within the 25-54 range. 81.82%of all affiliates work on their side (or main

, for some)

profits in the most active years of their lives. The greatest share, 31.86%are aged 35-44, while practically 12% of all affiliate online marketers are aged 55 and above.In all likelihood, these marketing platforms will see higher adoption rates among senior, as the technically-savvy young and middle-aged users these days grow older.11. Reality check– affiliate marketing stats expose a 1%conversion rate. (Source: Cospot) That’s generally genuine. Typically, the affiliate conversion rate hovers around 1%. Now, this percent is a typical quote instead of a tested truth because lots of affiliates keep individual rates to themselves.Given the strong competitors in the bulk of marketing specific niches

, you can imagine that reaching 2%or 3 %conversion is an important knowledge that is thought about best when protected well.12.$7 million for the champ! (Source: Medium) 1%conversion rate might be the average, but that does not show that you can’t stand apart with ingenious method and decision. In less than 2 years, Jason Stone produced over$7 million in affiliate sales, utilizing the marketing capability of Instagram.Now, Mr. Stone is not the normal online marketer since he has vast experience in visual media. Nevertheless, the important the spectacular figures @Millionair_Mentor commands lies in his tactical approach.He promotes simply to individuals who are statistically most likely to be interested in the product he requires to use. That’s why it is essential to sign up with affiliate marketing platforms that

match the interestS of your audience.13. 94%of publishers use more than one network.(Source: Rakuten)If you are wondering how to begin your affiliate marketing journey, make certain to register for more than one network.A study done by Forrester on behalf of Rakuten Marketing exposes that 94%of publishers make use of 2 or more affiliate programs.It makes a great deal of sense, as not all AM platforms are made equal. 39 %rely on 3 separate networks to acquire products and make commissions, while the large 20%work with 5 or more affiliate marketing companies.14. Enhance your site– organic search is ideal for conversions.(Source: MOZ )Organic search drives sales like nothing else. Research by MOZ states that natural visitors are 5.66 times more than likely to change than those driven by paid traffic.Being main in paid search means that you have the most substantial bankroll; obtaining the leading spot naturally suggests that the material you utilize is of excellent value.Customers appear to be well aware of these dynamics which is among the primary reasons the affiliate programs for blog site authors are such an enticing proposition. Quality post can bring in crowds of organic visitors.15. Mobile optimization can be a huge conversion boost!(Source: QuickSprout) 51%of web internet users mentioned they are probably to purchase from a site that is especially enhanced for mobile phones.Providing smooth mobile navigation makes good sense on lots of levels, as Google indexes mobile sites initially for a long time now.Bonus fact: ad blockers do not

effect affiliate marketing done right. (Source: Commissionfactory)Advertisement blockers are growing in appeal. A lot so that Google Chrome currently sports a native extension to take on pesky pop-ups and other aspects that destroy the user experience.This being stated, if you supply quality material and avoid economical tricks that count on the misdirected users ‘clicks, you have absolutely nothing to tension about.These are only 15 interesting truths about the huge AM market.

To get the full image and discover whatever there pertains to it, have a look at the detailed infographic.

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