SCOTLAND YARD’S Best INVESTIGATIONS – Dr Crippen (Record Channel, 1996)

A rather superior – and laregly neglected – Record Channel programme on Scotland Property (but basically a lot more on famous murder instances).


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  • The only person who speaks ill of Cora is her husband, Dr Crippen. Hardly an independent witness.

  • Klik Date says:

    poor olde crippen, at least e topped thee wyfe, give it er good

  • Jimmy SaVILE & the rest of the BBC & others besides The greatest crime(s) NEVER investigated by Scotland Yard

  • TXGTR says:

    I bet that had Crippin crapping.

  • a couple of months ago when i was living with my family we hade a cuple next door we were good friends with them we said good morning and things to each other but one day they pulled the last string they killed my cosin after a party she was stood at the buss stop down the road and mrs leonson told her togo in for a cuper but after that we never saw her again . mr and mrs leonson ran away or as we think and that was that a dead cosin killer friends loose sicos

  • Dale Worrell says:

    John Boyne "crippen" a novel of murder,Doctor,killer,lover,fugitive

  • Dale Worrell says:

    Read the book it was awesome waiting to see a movie

  • susan powell says:

    ugh i lived just around the corner from 39 hilldrop crecent,nobody ever stayed there long,the place always looked rundown,and it was a creepy place….if i had to pass it at night i would cross the road and hurry past it lol……and that was before i knew it was crippens place.,

  • unclegrange says:

    A DNA experiment was conducted by Dr David Foran, a respected forensic
    biologist at Michigan State University.
    Dr Foran carried out the standard procedure twice to ensure there were no
    errors or contamination. He concluded with 'absolute certainty' that the body
    was not Cora Crippen's.
    "When I saw the results, I thought: 'They got the wrong guy,'" he says. "It
    was quite amazing. I don't know who was buried under Dr Crippen's house,
    but it certainly was not his wife."

  • Spitalhatch says:

    Ethel seems to have made a habit of changing her name.
    She was born Ethel Clara Neave in 1883, but in the 1901 Census appears as Clara Ethel Le Neave. She later changed her name to Le Neve, which, it was believed, was the result of her wishing to appear more interesting. After the death of Crippen she used the name Nelson (on at least one occasion), but ended up marrying an accountant by the name of Smith and living with him in Croydon. She may have been a distant relation of mine…

  • ozzymandi says:

    Its always puzzled me how he disposed of Claras skeleton and other body parts
    Bones are very difficult to get rid of,and why did Cippen not dispose of the skin somewhere else instead of burying it in his cellar.

  • Don't be ignorant. We're not all stupid.

  • Ethel LeNeve changed her name and after marrying, lived in London. When she died in 1967 her family was informed who she was by a man writing a book about the case. Her family could hardly believe it. Their cantankerous and straight-laced mother was the notorious lover of Dr. Crippen.

  • bowler8 says:

    Typical american, no brain, Coras clothes would be way too big for ethel, it must have been so obvious

  • You have the best shows

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